Photo Gallery

This is a work-in-progress. Watch this space.


Here are some photos of people doing things at Peterson Creek.

Students from the School for Field Studies help out at Peterson Creek. Here are students planting new trees on “Bluetop Hill” in October 2022. The ram pump below William’s Weir sends water to a tank nearby to allow us to water the plantings.

The photo above, taken around 2008, shows David Leech and some school children on a temporary bridge near Frawley’s Pool. David Leech was the driving force in getting the revegetation project underway at Peterson Creek.¬† He passed away in 2022.

Above is another photo from around 2008. Wally Coutts is mowing using one of the old Greenfield ride-ons. These machines performed well over the years, with one still more-or-less functional in 2022.

The old Greenfield mowers have recently been replaced by Cox machines. This one was donated by the North Queensland Wildlife Trust in 2022.

The right kinds of plants: Trees at Peterson Creek

(See also the detailed information about selected trees under the “Things to see” menu)

Photos of entire trees are often not very informative. So we will only add photos in this section that show spectacular blossom or other interesting features. The image on the left is of Syzygium australe in full bloom and was taken in November, 2022.¬† Common names include “Creek Cherry” We have planted many of these close to the creek and elsewhere.

The right kinds of plants: Understory species at Peterson Creek

Above is shown a flowering Melastoma sp. A common name is “Tucker Bush”. This photo was taken in November 2022.

The wrong kinds of plants: Weeds at Peterson Creek

Weeds! Much of the work we do is about controlling weeds. There are many different kinds to complain about, so we have picked a few major pest species to list here.

Amazonian frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum) is a terrible introduced aquatic weed. Unless controlled, it will completely cover and smother the creek.

The flower of Amazonian frogbit is a small, inconspicuous white structure. This photo was taken in mid-November, 2019.

Animals and other interesting things

This nest with hungry chicks of pale-yellow robins was seen in September, 2022.